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Sports sponsorship: ethical brand valorisation

Thanks to our network of contacts, we spread and enhance your brand so that it becomes or remains a market highlight. We increase brand visibility through targeted sponsorship tailored to your target audience. We will work alongside you to enhance your brand and activate sponsorship rights to achieve your goals.

A great opportunity for your sports organisation

Thanks to several years' experience in this sector, we adopt a unique method that can lead to real growth in sponsorship revenue for our clients.
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Sports Reform

Legal support

On 1 July, the Sports Reform came into force. With Legislative Decree 36/2021 and amendments, the legislator intervened by reforming the provisions on professional and amateur sports bodies, as well as sports work.

Thanks to our lawyers, we are at the disposal of any ASD, sportsperson and employee, with targeted, fast and correct advice.
Both for labour-related issues and for adjustments to the statutes and drafting Organisational Models 231/01