Sales & Marketing unit


THRUST® SALES is the specific Division of THRUST Group that offers specific services for the world of sales. It has perfected itself over time both in the Recruiting of the various figures in the Sales area with attention to profiling and targeting, and in the creation of sales networks.

The service is completed with the support of our team of trainers, all from the sector, who accompany the recruiters to make the offer to the client complete, productive and effective.

Personnel recruitment and selection is the crucial phase of business processes, because it is the first and most important investment for all companies.

Sales Marketing

Recruiting and selecting sales personnel is an added value because the commercial sphere is transversal to the entire corporate world. It is an essential service because every company that wants to be productive must know how to sell its products and/or services and needs people who know how to do this.

Fundamental to this is the right search for Sales Personnel, who must be profiled with targeted skills and experience. THRUST specialises in Sales and responds to customer needs in a timely, fast and scientific manner.

THRUST®SALES also organises, implements and trains its customers' sales network. This is the phase following the Search and Selection of agents, who, in order to be performing and efficient, should be coordinated and work as a team with shared planning.