The Educational section of THRUST Group is the area of expertise of the Education sector that complements that of Corporate Training.

It is related to the experience and personal history of its President Prof. M Rosaria Micheloni who has spent a good part of her life in schools, as a teacher and, for more than fifteen years as School Principal, then completing her professional career as a lecturer at DISFOR, Education Sciences at the University of Genoa. She is active at the Ministry of Education as a signatory and founding member of the Network of CPIAs, Italian Public School Institutions of Adult Education. She was part of the ministerial working group for the drafting of the relevant curriculum.

The Educational Division was set up with the aim of offering THRUST Group's Recruitment and Consultancy service also to the world of public schools and to those autonomous educational institutions that wish to grow, develop and align themselves with the national curriculum even though they have different identities.

Progetto EVO learning

THRUST Educational vuole farsi promotore di un interessante progetto/strumento di e-learning presso Istituti Superiori ed Università presentando EVO, piattaforma LMS (Learning Management System) dedicata specificatamente alle materie  STEM.

Il progetto è condotto dall’Università di Pisa, Dipartimento di Informatica, responsabile il prof. G.Prencipe. Per informazioni è possibile consultare il sito ufficiale del progetto:

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